Nanotechnology Solutions

Brutalo Cleaner

Our Brutalo Cleaner is a special cleaner with disinfectant action, and a combination of organic and inorganic acids. It contains specifically defined emulsifying agents, wetting agents and inhibitors.


The innovative micro-splitting allows thorough cleaning without damaging solvents, Entzyme and bleach. It should be used for stubborn dirt, where the Universal Cleaner is no longer effective. The Brutalo Cleaner always works !


Depending on how dirty the surface, the concentrate can be diluted up to 1:40.




  • Without enzymes and bleach
  • Without harmful surfactants
  • Surfactant free



Our Brutalo Cleaner is suitable for the solution of inorganic deposits, encrustations (water scale, rust, algae, clams, liquor residues and iron deposits), on pipe systems, boat hulls, boat engines and for cleaning of wheels, paving slabs, etc.


  • Fiber cement
  • Clinker bricks
  • Clay, terracotta
  • Brick (even tiles)
  • Wood - untreated
  • Mineral surfaces
  • Grouted tile flooring
  • Natural stones, marble
  • Tiles, Stone slabs and more
  • Sandstone, aerated concrete
  • Aggregate concrete, Concrete blocks


This cleaner can also be supplied as a powder concentrate !