Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology 2 component Ship / Boat Sealant (antifouling)

Anyone who owns a boat or a private yacht, knows the annual recurring problems caused by adhering mussels, barnacles, algae and other foreign substances. The ship and the boat is heavier and consumes accordingly more fuel. What is not too serious on small boats and yachts, as with large cruise ships, tankers and container ships that annually cross all oceans. All debris must be removed every years on the dry dock and this is causing enormous costs.


Here creates our nanotechnology boat sealant, remedy.


Our 2-K boat/ship sealant is a two-component mixture based on nanotechnology. Aqueous and oily liquids are simply repelled even from rough surfaces. The adhesion of dirt, mussels, barnacles, algae and other contaminants will be reduced. The surface is resistant to scratches and the coated surface can be cleaned very easily. There are no aggressive cleaners (extremely acidic or alkaline, scouring milk) required. The coated paint is easy to clean.



  • Less adhesion of barnacles and algae
  • Easy cleaning of coated surfaces
  • Suitable for below the waterline
  • Suitable for salt and freshwater
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical to use



The durability of our sealant is dependent on several factors, such as the frequency of cleaning and mechanical abrasion. Our estimates are based on normal mechanical use and Central European weather conditions.


Quantity Required:

  • 10ml to 15ml per m² (depending by absorption).




  • Tanker
  • Yachts
  • Barges
  • Cruise ships
  • Ocean-going Yachts