Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology Car Paint Sealant

Our Nano Paint Sealant is a two-component mixture based on nanotechnology. Aqueous and oily liquids are simply repelled even from rough surfaces. The adhesion of dirt, dead bugs and other contaminants will be reduced. The coated paint is easy to clean.


'Nanotechnology 2 Component Car Paint Sealant' protects the bodywork, increases weather resistance and prevention of corrosion. Our sealant is acid, alkali, water and alcohol resistant. The bodywork is easy to clean. The car paint remains blemish free for longer and the need for cleaning will be minimised.



  • No visual changes
  • Long lasting sealing
  • Suitable for every paint type
  • Car wash and jet wash resistant
  • Saves money on cleaning agents
  • Set contains enough to treat one car
  • Bugs and dirt can be removed easily
  • Long lasting dirt and contaminant protection



The durability of our sealing is dependent on several factors, eg the average speed of 100km/h, one car wash per week, and Central European weather conditions. This has the following durability:


  • about 24 months or 40.000km


Quantity Required:

  • 75 ml per compound (K1 & K2) for a car


Great product for car dealers and car body shops

Our sealant can help your cars sound more attractive to buyers, potentially increasing the value of the car as it is optimally protected against scratches and chips.


Our "Nanotechnology Two-Component Car Paint Sealant" has been developed so that surfaces only have slight contact with particles of foreign matter. Through aqueous and oily liquid repellency, foreign matter, such as oily substances, chalk, dead bugs etc are prevented from adhering to the paint. Even dried out dirt, dead bugs etc can be removed easily after the prior treatment with the "Nano Two-Component Car Paint Sealant".


r sealants have been developed for the best protection without affecting the cars' appearance.


Scratches are not removed, but existing wax, which fills the scratches will be removed with the included cleaner. As a result, scratches will be visible and will need to be treated with a cutting compound, which should only be done by a professional. Therefore we recommend this product to be mainly used with new cars.


For used cars we recommend our Nano Multi Foam !