Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology Chrome & Stainless Steel Sealant

Our "Nanotechnology Stainless Steel" Sealant puts an end to stains, grease and bacteria. Extractor hoods, sinks, interior and exterior handrails, high-quality steel furniture and a lot more can be protected permanently against annoying dirt and pollutants.


The "Nanotechnology Chrome & Stainless Steel" coating is suitable for all untreated types of stainless steel, such as stainless steel fronts, handrails, facings, door handles etc. It is particularly well suited for restaurant kitchens but also for bars made from stainless steel or cooper and for the fittings in sanitary facilities.



  • Significantly reduces cleaning times
  • Reduces the use of cleaning agents by up to 70%
  • Stains and dirt can be easily removed with water or a wet cloth
  • Maintains stainless steel structure and & polished stainless steel
  • Long term protection of surfaces against water, dirt, grease and fingerprints
  • Durabile for up to 9 months depending on mechanical and chemical exposure



The durability of a sealant is dependent on a number of factors, such as the cleaning agents used, the frequency of cleaning intervals and mechanical exposure. We specify our durability based on the method of cleaning recommended by us. Chemicals such as tensides in washing up liquids and soaps have an impact on the durability !


  • Stainless steel furniture: approximately 9 months
  • Stainless steel water taps: approximately 9 months
  • Stainless steel wash basin: approximately 6 months


Quantity Required:

  • 10 to 15 ml per m²




Stainless steel kitchens:

Cleaning a kitchen is a difficult job. First the existing stains and pollutants have to be removed. These include grease, fingerprints and dried food residues. Once this has been achieved the areas have to be painstakingly polished. The Chrome & Stainless steel sealant makes cleaning much easier.. Once applied, you have the optimal protection against all forms of dirt and pollutants. Almost everything can be removed just with a wet cloth, as dirt and oil are just on the surface. Apart from the savings on chemical and aggressive cleaning agents, the time and effort involved also significantly less.


Stainless steel furniture:

Pieces of stainless steel furniture are not only dirt traps but also extremely difficult to clean. Fingerprints and dust are by no means a rare occurrence. The Chrome & Stainless steel sealant seals every piece of furniture in such a way that future cleaning can be carried out easily in a fraction of the usual time.


Stainless steel lamps and door handles:

Small domestic stainless steel objects must also be cleaned in regular intervals. In order to reduce time and effort in particular with respect to sometimes difficult to reach items, we recommend the Chrome & Stainless steel sealant.


Musical Instruments:

Any band and everybody playing an instrument would like his instrument to look new as long as possible. The original shine is of particular importance as the instruments are often used for parties and festivities where many people are looking at them. The Nano Chrome & Stainless steel sealant preserves the original shine and protects against scratches.