Nanotechnology Solutions

Facts about Nanotechnology sealants

All nano sealers consist essentially of silane / siloxane and titanium compounds.


Depending on the application and selection the solids particles can vary. The carrier material of these particles, the matrix is ​​essentially always in water or alcohol. (inorganic-organic composites).


Nanotechnology is the systematic construction in atomic and molecular dimensions. In the world of nanotechnology everyone must learn to think in very small dimensions. Describes in the physics, nano means one billionth of a unit, a nanometer is one billionth of a meter. At this length can accommodate about five to ten atoms side by side. A nanometer is one millimeter in relation to the size of a hazelnut to planet Earth.


How does it work?

The coatings are made of nanoparticles with nano components that connect firmly to the surface and cause other components to the desired effect.


Phase 1: These particles arrange themselves intelligently during application.


Phase 2: The binding components migrate to the surface, the anti-adhesive components are directed out towards the air.


Phase 3: In this self-organization forms an ultra-thin, glass-like layer that responds to the surface of a homogeneous connection and therefore guarantees extreme durability. This also protects the surface from aggressive environmental influences.


Why is our nano different to others ?


Many competitors sell one product for all surfaces, irrespective of material composition.


Our nano-chemical products are always up to date technically are currently about 100 more nano-products in our labs for research and optimization.


Our products are multi-functional nano-surface finishing. They connect surface and volume effects in one application.


Commercially offered products with similar effects, are often counterproductive with substances such as Waxes, Teflon, silicone oils and mixed. These form a pore-clogging layer and matrix due to the poor tend to wear faster and streaking. Our products are free from silicone, acrylic or Teflon.


Many available nano-products on the market are not breathable. When a nano sealant is not breathable, it can quickly come to the mold and thus to the destruction of the substrate.


We actively accompanying risk technology research so that you always use a consumer-friendly product that will guarantee a long-term effect of sealing without side effects.