Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology Floor sealant for slightly and non-absorbant surfaces

The Nanotechnology Floor Sealant (for slightly to non-absorbant surfaces) is a sealant for the dirt and scuff resistance of non-absorptive surfaces. Nanostructured coatings result in a significantly longer life of the coating. Nanotechnology Floor Sealant for slightly to non-absorptive surfaces protects against loam and soil as well as against soiling due to wet leaves, oil and food.


Our Nanotechnology Floor Sealant (for slightly to non-absorbant surfaces) provides resistance to dirt and scuff. It also protects against loam and soil as well as against soiling due to wet leaves, oil and food. The nano-structured coating lasts for up to 10 years.



  • Sealing lasts up to 10+ years depending on the mechanical load
  • Chemical or aggressive cleaning agents are no longer required
  • It is difficult for oil to penetrate a concrete or cement floor
  • Long lasting protection against bacteria and germs
  • Treated surfaces can be easily cleaned with water
  • Long-term protection against dirt and loam
  • Saves costs and time on cleaning agents
  • No visual changes
  • Easy handling



The durability of a sealant is dependent on a number of factors, such as the frequency of cleaning and the mechanical abrasion. We specify our durability based on normal mechanical abrasion and Central European weather conditions.


  • Worktops: 6 to 10 years
  • Festival rooms: 3 to 6 years
  • Production & Factory halls: 6 to 9 years
  • Gravestones & Sculptures: 9 to 15 years



An early diminishing or only weak lotus effect does not have an impact on the sealing! The surface will be easy to clean for several years !


Quantity Required:

  • 30 to 80 ml per m² (dependent on the absorbency)




Production and factory halls:

The walls of many factories are covered with grease and dirt stains. These will certainly always be a nuisance, but by sealing the walls one can at least achieve that any dirt can just be washed away with water.


Festival rooms:

In the catering industry one is only too aware of the problem caused by grease and oil stains, as they are difficult to remove - if at all - from floors. Treating the floor with a Nano sealant, however, prevents this problem from occurring. Dirt finds it difficult to penetrate the floor especially, the pores of the surface. Just rinse with water and the floor looks like new in no time.


Kitchen worktops:

Kitchen worktops are often treated with sealants that prevent them from absorbing any liquid. Many common sealants, however, only last about 5 years. Our sealant lasts up to 10 years.


Gravestones & Sculptures:

ting graveyards one can often observe after only a few years how gravestones start to resemble the colour of trees. Moss deposits, pollen, dust and dirt are slowly building up. Our concrete seal is ideal for preventing this from happening. Even the rain helps to wash away all deposits of dirt and grime. All pollutants remain on the surface without penetrating the stone and the breathability remains.


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