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Nanotechnology Prices

Nanotechnology PricesNanotechnology Solutions is a wholesale company for products based on chemical nanotechnology and provides purchase prices only on presentation of a trade certificate.


In our price calculation, the following costs are considered:


 • Costs per kilogramme of the base material

 • Seal / Closing or shutting device

 • Outer packaging

 • Filling loss (2%)

 • Trading unit

 • Labelling

 • Packing

 • Labels


Please make sure to state the prices in which you are interested, in your request.


For example, when interested in taking products with our own labels, all the costs are taken into calculation.


When using your own branding, some of the costs can be removed.


When processing the product directly from a 200-litre barrel or a 1000-litre IBC container, all additional costs are removed.


In this way we can put together the right range for each partner.


If you want to test our products first, and want to sell them with your own branding later, our partners always have a good trade margin.


Ask for our pricelists now.