Nanotechnology Solutions

Rim Cleaner (aluminum, chrome, steel)

Highly effective Rim Cleaner. The product is used for cleaning of aluminum, chrome and steel rims, which are sealed with our nanotechnology "Rim Sealant" afterwards. Our "Rim Cleaner" removes dirt acidic residues such as oil, salt, lime, brake dust, waxes and surfactants, and can be used for manual and mechanical cleaning.


Our "Rim Cleaner" is a very strong acidic cleaner. It removes easily crusty dirt and brake dust from all rims also on rims of motorcycles and bicycles.


Each surface that have to be sealed requires a nearly fat and surfactant pretreatment. This should be done only by mild and surfactant cleaners. On fats, surfactants and detergent residues are nanostructures not the optimal primer and can not connect with the surface.



  • Innovative cleaner
  • Removes brake dust easily
  • For steel, chrome and alloy rims
  • Say goodbye to your old toothbrush ...




Pre-cleaner for:


  • Car rims
  • Truck rims
  • Bicycle rims
  • Motorcycle rims