Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology Anti-Tanish for Glass

In autumn "messy weather humidity is often so high that water condenses on the inside panes. Many are tempted to simply wipe with your bare hands about it, preferably while still driving! This is dangerous and, moreover, shows streaks, which significantly impede visibility and product glare. Fogged windows pose a high risk of accidents, which can be prevented by our anti-fog protection.


Even the bathroom mirrors are often covered in mist. It is so bad that we try cleaning over and over again with a towel trying to gain a free view box amd often fog up the window again. Thus, one often spends more time trying to obtain a free field of vision than with the real reason why you went into the bathroom. Even this problem can be counteracted with anti-fogging glass.


"Nanotechnology Anti-Fog for Glass" is a glass cleaner, which by its hydrophilic effect significantly delays the fogging on applied glass surfaces.. The nanostructures also cause a significantly improved cleaning action.


Antifog effectively prevents fogging in the following areas:

  • Mirrors and glass surfaces in wet
  • Greenhouses and Conservatories
  • Windshields of many manufacturers
  • Exterior, and much more ...



The durability of nanotechnology anti-fog for glass is dependent on several factors, such as the weather conditions, the cleaning and mechanical abrasion. We give our durability to mechanical abrasion due to normal and central European weather conditions.


  • Vehicle: about 4 to 6 weeks
  • Wet Room: 3 to 6 weeks


In a slowing effect can be restored with a fresh application of antifog.


Quantity Required:

  • 10 to 15 ml per m²